The Blended Path

For me, spirituality is not necessarily the same thing as religion. Spirituality has to do with Connection: Connection to our True Selves, Connection to other human beings, Connection to all creation, and Connection to the Divine. Religion has to do with our beliefs about what this Connection is all about and how we go about practicing it.

In reference to the subject of this Site, I would say that I am Christian in Tradition and I express and connect to myself, others, nature, and Divine by means of Mysticism and The Craft, The Turning Wheel. 

Imagine that the Divine is a vast Lake. Along the shore of this Vast Water are people, they have all come to drink from this Lake if Divinity.  What would you see?  What I see is many types of people, all with many types of vessels from which to draw their drink. I see some with ornate silver chalices engraved with Triple Moon symbol, I see others with Wooden Drinking cups, I see another with Golden Goblets, still more with Porcelain Vessels with Islamic Symbols, Some carry vessels carved of bamboo, some have no cups at all but rather on bent knees lap from the Lake of the Divine. All are at the Lake for sustenance and connection, and their different traditions determine which vessel they brought to collect from the Lake of Divinity.

My tradition is that of Christ, the History , stories, morals, and ceremonies of this tradition all contribute to my understanding of the Divine. I choose to express these traditions and connect by way of Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, the Angels, the Turning of the Wheel and the Spark of Divine inside everyone who walks this Path called Earth.

I have eclectic blended spirituality , that is both Christian, and Earth Based in nature.  I explore folk based magic and lore. I am also connected to Vodou and Latin Catholic Craft systems, because they embrace all aspects of my traditions.

We can see his syncretism (the blending of two or more distinct paths with out loosing the meaning of either) in practices such as Vodou, Voodoo, Hoodoo, Stregoneria, Mexican Catholic Craft, and Santeria to name a few.   
Folk magic practices of South are steeped in Judeo-Christian beliefs , and the spells, magic, and healing works!
The Syncretism or Blended Path is authentic based path based on two separate ideals, with out loosing the meaning of either, that has existed four thousands of year.  In fact, it is not new as some would have you believe.
You can create your own path and celebrate the seasons, the Turning Wheel, and important Christian and other cherished family and holy days according your own unique traditions. 

I try to create my own path, not follow the path of others, and I have experienced great blessings with my  practice.
After all, they are truly not very different.  Christianity took much of it symbolist usage from Paganism. Evolving on some areas of world to a fully syncretism system that works.

This site explores the blended path of turning the wheel. Whether you walk a blended path or want to enjoy shared celebrations with family and friends, this site and upcoming book walks through the Wheel of the Year in a blended and creative journey.

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